Old Crow: Bridget Ahearn e le sue creazioni

Lo Sbuffo ha avuto il piacere di intervistare Bridget Ahearn, l’artista dietro le magnifiche creazioni Old Crow. Si tratta di design d’impatto, energici, colorati e ironici che portano in sé un forte messaggio di stampo femminista. Sono per coloro che non vogliono passare inosservati, per chi con il proprio stile vuole affermare la propria presenza in modo chiaro ed esplicito. Sono per gli spiriti liberi e per chi non ha paura di osare. Qui riportiamo le parole dell’artista, per meglio conoscere Old Crow e ciò che rappresenta.
Hello Bridget! We know that now you are a Florida based artist who specializes in hand painted vintage outerwear but when did you start your business and how has it evolved? Do you work alone or do you have a team to help you?
I started my business about five years ago and I am the sole operator of my small company, Old Crow. I am lucky enough to collaborate with other artists, as well as different companies like the vintage store Threaded Vibes.
Why have you chosen the name “old crow”?
To be honest, the crow is my spirit animal and the old part came from a BBC comedy skit called Old Gregg. I was extremely into Old Gregg around the time of Old Crow’s birth, it seemed natural. Anyone who’s familiar with Old Gregg is probably laughing  and if you don’t know….now’s the time!
How do you find inspiration for your designs? They’re unique and powerful items and they seem to originate from something more than mere beauty or fashion, they’ve got meanings behind them (for example the GRL PWR t-shirt or the decorated panties). There’s a feminist idea behind them, am I right?
I love this question. Whether I’m creating a cheeky pair of panties or hand-painting on leather jackets, every piece is meant to inspire others and to relieve my own pain. I definitely can see the feminist undertones and overtones! A lot of the femme sentiments come from the process of figuring out my place in society as a woman, healing from trauma, finding strength in my femininity and doing my damnedest hold fast to the joy in learning these life lessons.
In a world where more and more things are becoming mechanized, you’ve chosen to physically sew and paint your decorations….what’s behind this decision?
The first jacket that I ever painted was a gift for my best friend. I fell completely in love with the process. I really enjoy painting so it’s not attractive for me to outsource labor. I will have to get some help soon so that I can accommodate more awesome customers though. Anyways, I’m glad that what I love to do is actually eco-conscious and a part of the sustainable fashion movement.
You can be seen as an example of slow fashion, what do you think of the way fast fashion is evolving? I think we can all agree that items like yours have got more personality to them and work behind them…which makes them more meaningful.
 I appreciate that a lot. I’m an optimist by nature, I do believe that we are currently moving toward a more aware society in general. I’m super happy to see a shift happening in the way people shop. It seems as though people are noticing how much power they have when it comes to where they’re putting their money and support.
Ringraziamo ancora una volta Bridget Ahearn per il tempo a noi dedicato e le auguriamo il meglio per il suo futuro e quello del suo brand!

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